Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Missing passport…

So it turns out I already have something to ‘blog’ about. My passport is currently MIA and I’m flying on Sunday morning (it is now Thursday evening). All quite pathetically my fault… VSO (the charity I’m going to be working through in Bangladesh) had my British passport to apply for my Bangladeshi visa. Said visa got stamped into passport, and VSO posted it back to me. When I say to me, I mean my old address as I forgot to tell VSO I no longer live there. And I have a Royal Mail automatic redirection on my post to Birmingham (where my ex-flat will be my secretary for the year – thanks Lorn!). So the hunt for my passport is well and truly underway. Watch this space…


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  Bron wrote @

Well Done darling – I am so proud of you! You are officially communicating en masse with the world!

Can’t wait to hear about your travels…and yr passport!

Speak to you SAT afternoon – 14h30 sa time work for you?

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