Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The eagle has landed

I’ve arrived! Our flight was delayed, so only landed in Dhaka at 3:15am. But besides that, everything has been suprisingly smooth so far. Our VSO guy was waiting for us at the airport (which I was actually quite impressed by) and drove us to the induction flat. We heard our first azan (call to prayer) at 5am when we arrived at the flat. Damn loud that azan, hopefully I’ll learn to sleep through it. Managed to get a few hours sleep and we’re currently at the VSO offices, which I’m again I’m very impressed by. And free, fairly decent, internet access = yay! With wireless nogal, so I can bring my lovely macbook in and blog/email/surf away. Just about to get our first monthly allowance now, my first actual view of Taka (Bangladeshi currency wasn’t easy to find in London, especially since I did leave it to the last day to try find any).  Pretty jetlagged (it’s 6 hours ahead of GMT here) and have the rest of the day to relax. And tomorrow is also a R&R day. Wednesday is an orientation day around the city with a Dhaka based volunteer. And Thursday evening is a big (how big exactly I’m not sure) St Patrick’s Day celebration organised by Care International. So a chance to meet other VSO-ers and other NGO volunteer/staff etc.  A most pleasant suprise to have a party in the first week. What to wear is obviously a concern, can’t say my Bangladeshi wardrobe is very party friendly. And Friday and Saturday are officially the weekend here at the VSO offices, so more R&R and exploring.  So all in all a really easy start to this. How nice of them. Perhaps they don’t want to freak us out too soon. I’m sure that is in the mail though.


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