Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

End of day 1

…and all is still well. I am sharing the induction flat with Anna (from Ireland) and Antony (from England) who were both on the flight over with me. On Thursday 3 more volunteers arrive from the Philippines who will share the flat with us for the month of induction. Anne and I are sharing a room, quite basic but everything we’ll need for a fairly comfortable month. Anne’s having problems with the hard mattresses, but after 2 weeks in the ashram in India I think I can sleep on anything now.


What else of interest happened today? We got brave and walked back from the VSO offices to the flat on our own. Obviously we got lost. And obviously I got hit by a bicycle. I wasn’t really hurt, but it was on a really quiet road, just us and the bike. The fact that he managed to hit me must have taken quite some concentration on his part. Silly Bangladeshi schoolboy…


Judging from our walkabout earlier, the area we are in (Lalmatia) is a fairly well-to-do suburb of Dhaka. Not too much staring and we weren’t really hassled at all. So hardly representative of the rest of Dhaka I’m sure.  Since tomorrow is another day off, we’re going to head for a boat ride on the Buriganga river, that runs through the centre of old Dhaka. It’s the muddy artery of Dhaka and the life blood of both this city and nation (so they say). Lonely Planet (to be referred to as LP from now on) says to prepare to be dumbstruck by the panorama of life and death that is to be viewed from the small boat.  Sounds like fun? I’m still not sure how I feel about taking my SLR camera (big, professional type looking camera) out with me in this city, but perhaps I’m just being a bit of a wimp (don’t want to be target of a mugging just yet). So I see how brave I feel tomorrow, hopefully I’ll toughen up and brave it to get some good photos.


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  Amanda wrote @

Sounds like it is all remarkably civilized and straight forward ! Obviously we are relieved 🙂

Keep the updates coming !

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