Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Bargain of the week

So we didn’t make it down to the Buriganga river yesterday (overslept). But Tony and I did manage to find some shops that sell English DVDs. Here they group 6 movies onto one DVD, for 70 taka. That’s 6 movies for 70p! Cha-ching. They’re grouped into sets like the 6 nominees for best picture of an Academy Awards season. Or sets like Colin Farrell movies, or Indian Jones etc. So we watched Juno on my laptop last night. In the dark. Power outages happen here a lot, and I’m becoming very good friends with my head torch (great Xmas gift, thanks Clairey).

Water cuts are also popular here. More frustrating than power cuts. So we have to make sure that we keep our water purifiers stocked full of water (tap water has to be boiled then purified before safe for drinking etc). And we have to remember to keep the large bucket in the bathroom full for make shift showers and for flushing the loo.

We did a walkabout to the National Assembly yesterday (stupidly in the middle of the day, only mad dogs and English men. And an Irish woman. And a Saffa). Looks like a 70’s council block on steroids I think. Nice if you like that kind of thing. Not sure if you can make out the fire escape down the front of the building. It’s a rope ladder that ends 2/3rds of the way down. I guess in the event of an emergency people must just jump from there into the water? The reminds me, we must get VSO to repair the rope ladder fire escape in our flat.  I hope it reaches all the way to the ground….




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  Pam wrote @

Bargain indeed! Glad there’s a good way to spend the dark nights… Xx

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