Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Anyone for Nandos?

Can you believe it, I found a Nandos in Dhaka. Who would have guessed. Ok, so the menu is slightly different (no bottomless Coke, what is that about?) but a shiny beacon of familiarity none the less. Thank you Nandos for expanding into south Asia in time for my placement in Bangladesh. 




  Amanda wrote @

What a totally random place to find Dhaka. Obviously the Beany Burger and perinaise has global appeal …..

  Lisa wrote @

So glad you found beany burgers!! Now all we have to do is improve the S.A. Nandos and we good to go!

  estellevisagie wrote @

I know right, it’s so cool. Ok, they don’t do beanie burgers per se, it’s more like grilled veg and paneer (and I obviously add cheese and pineapple). So the veg option is still great. Amazing that Bangladesh can maintain a better Nandos franchise than SA hey!

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