Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Luck of the Irish

On Thursday night we went to the Concern International St Patrick Day party in Gulshan, which is the diplomatic area of Dhaka. They put on quite a party, lots of fun and nice to enjoy some lovely South African white wine. That was my first taste of alcohol since being here, alcohol can only be bought in special government depots, only for foreigners. I’m sure a visit to the depot must be in our orientation month at some point…


We went to an after party at the flat of the country director of Concern (Kieran from Ireland). He has an amazing flat in Gulshan, it was a rare peak into how the other half live here in Dhaka.  In stark contrast to our little induction flat! Perhaps I should get with the diplomatic set in Dhaka, so if required I can escape the Hill Tracts every now and then for some serious luxury.


Our night then descended into a comedy of errors. I say comedy, but it sure wasn’t that funny at the time. It’s a long story, and I’ll spare you the details, but it involved us thinking we’d managed to lose the two new volunteers who had literally just arrived that afternoon (visions of them wondering the night streets of Dhaka on their own went some way in sobering us up a bit), getting locked out of our flat, waking up most of the neighbourhood, walking to the VSO office, calling various VSO staff members at 3am, 2 really pissed Englishmen, 1 amazingly pissed Kenyan and 1 increasingly irritated South African…. Tempers flared (mostly mine), there was talk of breaking down the door, when suddenly a half asleep and very confused Dutch woman opened up for us (where did she come from and why was she in our flat?). The new volunteers were found safe in the flat and had managed to sleep through the entire ordeal… (Note to self: Keep mobile phone with VSO emergency number on my person at all times for such occasions.) 


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