Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


I know that the UK is health and safety mad (being treated liked 5 year olds in Accenture offices with the no microwave rule in case we burn ourselves) but there is a happy medium out there between that and Bangladeshi standards. See photo below taken of a railway crossing. Taken while we were in the VSO bus, stuck on said rail lines in a traffic jam. I’m not entirely sure what happens when a train does actually come down the tracks. Maybe everyone knows the train schedule? Or maybe it is actually an unused line (I hope). I’ll find out. This also extends to road safety (sweet bejesus, how have we NOT been in an accident yet), electricity safety etc.


I know I need to re-calibrate my standards and expectations for the year though. Things take muuuuch longer than I think they should, even after I have added what I think is a reasonable ‘developing world’ factor to my equation. There is none of that near-panic urgency that London has (e.g. I must get my skinny mocha-chino latte this instant or I might spontaneously combust). But I do think that the urgency in London (and other big cities) is largely self imposed and we could all do to relax a little. Not to the extent where we have get togethers on the tube lines, but somewhere in the middle seems like a good place to meet. 

Rail Rules

Rail Rules




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[…] ago I posted a photo taken when sitting in a bus, in a traffic jam, on a railway level crossing (here). I wondered if it was a disused train line, or if not, what would happen if a train appeared on […]

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