Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

10 things I hated about Dhaka last night

  1. All street food is either meat or deep fried, and very often both. Makes healthy eating out here difficult, and makes being a non-meat eater painful. Surely no one should eat this many eggs.
  2. My feet are always dirty. Even if I’m being well coordinated and manage to not step in puddles/shit, my feet are still always dirty.
  3. Walking on the street or pavements requires constant vigilance and concentration. Trying not to be hit by a rickshaw/CNG/bus/car whatever else is on the road/pavement. While dodging potholes, open manholes etc. While being subjected to constant hooting. This is hard work when tired/grumpy.
  4. Power cuts – the one last night really pissed me off. I sat in the dark and ate a whole bar of Lindt chocolate. Which costs 290 taka here. My allowance works out to just over 300 taka a day. So it was an expensive binge. 
  5. My lovely new Macbook is so dirty that childservices might get involved. Ok, my fault for buying a white Macbook I guess. But it was so pretty when I bought it, and now less then 3 weeks in country it is grimy. (James – you would be shocked and appalled). 
  6. Not being able to buy good wine easily/if at all. I could have murdered a (good) bottle of wine last night. Ok, I could have gone to buy some illicit 75% proof, home brewed vodka fairly close, or hassled with a CNG down to the government depo. But both options required effort, and effort was what I didn’t want. 
  7. My lovely FabIndia salwar kameezes are getting ruined by the local washing technique here – which really just amounts to  our cleaner bashing clothes against the concrete floor of the bathroom.
  8. Mosquitos – got bitten a lot last night during my chocolate binge. Someone is leaving that damn screen door to the balcony open again…
  9. Sharing a room – Anne is great, but there is nothing like having a private space just for me and my bad mood. 
  10. Doing anything here creates a bit of a crowd. I miss the anonymity of London. 


PS We’re off to Khulna for the weekend, another 8 hour bus trip. Is everything in Bangladesh an 8 hour bus trip away?



  Pam wrote @

Sweet pea. The mozzies are eacting you because the chocolate makes you extra yummy 9I’m guessing the average local doesn’t have that much sugar flowing through their veins?) Also, forget the wine and hit the gin – it will solve every mozzie problem you ever had!
Love love,

  Lorna wrote @

Ah poor stella……I hope you are looking after your feet, or do you need a podiatrist to visit?!!

  estellevisagie wrote @

My feet are a mess. My podiatrist must make a house call, immediately!

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