Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

One (long-ish) step from Dhaka…

… and I feel that I have left South Asia and arrived in South East Asia. So many smiling Burmese looking faces around here in Rangamati. I’m sure there must be a more culturally acceptable way to say that, but that’s all I’ve got right now…

I arrived in Rangamati last night, after a long day of travel (at least it was an AC bus, but my return journey unfortunately won’t have the same luxury).  I’m currently in a little internet cafe in town, while my colleague prints out some urgent documents. There is no power in the office right now, so evidently load shedding is also alive and well here.

I spent last night in the basic guest accommodation on the Moanogar complex.  Had my breakfast with two Buddhist monks this morning, both of whom I’ll be working with. Quite surreal! But really quite amazing. I’m so excited to permanently move out here, which I’ll be doing on 21 – 22 April. I’ve checked out the accommodation, and I really had no reason to stress as much as I did. It’s not a room in a dormitory, but a self contained little house. Yay.Ok, it needs a little bit of TLC but I’m looking forward to that too. I’ve refused the offer of replacing the squat toilet with a western style toilet in the cottage. With the money issues this organisation has, it really wouldn’t be right to demand a new toilet. Besides, squat toilets are good for the thighs!

Must dash, festivities await. That’s if I don’t melt first. It is H.O.T out there.


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