Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

I’ve died and gone to fruit heaven

We seem to be right in the middle of fruit season here in Rangamti. It’s just fabulous. This morning I had a custard apple picked from the tree outside my house, after lunch I had some jackfruit picked on the complex, and after work a mango picked from a tree outside my house. Ok so the mango was green and we ate it with salt (?) but it still counts. And I have a pawpaw waiting for me to eat it tomorrow for breakfast, also picked from a tree outside my house. This stuff just seems to grow everywhere here. Talk about shopping locally.

Below is a picture of Shushorita (mother), Nitol (eldest son) and Beakon (youngest son) of the family who lives next door to me. And often providers of various items of food for me (see jackfruit and mango above, and last night’s dhal and tonight’s fish). Shushorita is picking/plucking a mango from ‘our’ tree using a piece of split bamboo. Quite clever really. Nitol loves to practice English with me and laugh at my Bangla, and Beakon just runs into my house every now and then to stare at me. But he’s starting to get used to me now and can even say ‘hello’ (in English). He is terribly cute. Must be the second cutest child in the universe (after my nephew Jack of course).


Picking mangoes

Picking mangoes



  Pam wrote @

Custard covered apples grow on tress there!? yum yum YUM! Xx

  Amanda wrote @

Of course Jack is the no 1 cutest child in the world. Even though he bites 😦

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