Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The Buddha’s birthday (part 1)

On Friday we had a Korean visitor to Moanoghar who wanted to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday here with Buddhadatta. Well, he wanted to celebrate the birthday as marked in the Korean calendar. Here in Bangladesh it is celebrated on the next full moon which is this coming Saturday (I think). That will be Part 2, if it is actually celebrated here in any big way. In Korea (and other countries with large Buddhist communities) it is huge celebration, but here in Bangladesh I expect it will be a more subdued affair.

So it was lunch with the visitors on Friday and the customary picture taking. I should start counting how many people’s photo albums I will one day appear in. The presence of a hot, sweaty badeshi seems to be enough reason to get the camera out here. Below is a photo after the lunch. Next to me is Memory, who works in the mini hospital and is also now the maker of my lunches during the week (yay) and 2rd from the right is Happy, who is one of the hostel supervisors. Both are wearing Chakma traditional dress (which they wear everyday).

Just a little taller than the locals

Just a little taller than the locals. And somewhat shiner.

Memory and Happy took me shopping yesterday evening for a petticoat and blouse to wear with the Chakma pinon (the skirt like thing) and hadie (the scarf like thing) I bought a few days ago. I expect it won’t be long now until I am fully dressed in Chakma gear. Maybe for the Buddha’s birthday on Saturday.


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  Amanda wrote @

Looking good dude …. hmm, yes just a little taller than the local average, obviously.

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