Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


This morning I actually got up early and managed to do some yoga. Well I say yoga … but it was mostly just lying in the corpse position, some stretching followed by final relaxation. Hardly a taxing physical workout, but still, it’s better than nothing. I’m beginning to feel like a decrepit old lady out here, any body goodness achieved in the ashram is now just a distant memory. I’m still blaming the bed. It really is that bad. Compared to my absolutely magical bed back in the UK. I miss my bed so much. (Lorna: you better be taking REAL good care of it). Hopefully this morning yoga thing will become a daily routine for me, I simply have to start doing some exercise. I’m turning to mush out here. 

Dinner last night was great. Picture below of dinner hosts (FYI young gentleman’s name is Jyodi). His grandmother so thrilled for me to be there, last night was officially the closest she had ever got to a foreigner. 


Dinner party

Dinner party


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  Lorna wrote @

Your bed is fabulous……I am taking wonderful care of it, keeping it company every night in fact!!! Can I post photo’s on here? I will take one for you! George is also fabulous!! xx

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