Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

It’s raining mangoes

All the children are out of school today doing various odd jobs around the grounds. My favourite of the day is the picking of mangoes. It’s happening right outside my office, right now. Lots of boys in one HUGE mango tree, climbing up into unsensibily high branches, and just shaking the shit out of them. Theses boys have no fear. Nor does there appear to be any health and safety here…. but then this is Bangladesh. It’s practically death by mangoes out there at the moment. I ventured out to take some pics, now back in the office. Now I’m a little scared to leave. Hoping they move onto another mango tree soon. How many mangoes can one tree have? A lot by the looks/sounds of things…

And today is my Friday, so I have that Friday feeling. What I really feel like doing is going for a few shandies in a beer garden somewhere with friends. The Falcon in Clapham to be precise. Oh yes, I’m in Bangladesh…so what I think I’ll do tonight instead is sit in a dark room sweltering in the heat of yet another power cut. What I really need is some booze I think. I probably going to Dhaka next week, so booze is most definitely on the cards. Might explore the BAGHA club in Dhaka. They have booze AND a swimming pool. And I’ll be able to swim in a bikini, as apposed to the local fashion of swimming fully clothed. What more could I ask for.


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  Lorna wrote @

Ah Stella…..The Falcon……I would be there with you all the way….nice bottle of Magners and LOTS of cute boys to look at!!!!!

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