Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


And now I have a skin rash. On my neck. Which I think is a strange place to get a rash. The only plausible explanation is that it’s from the heat. Or it’s an allergic reaction. Or it’s an allergic reaction to the heat. Whatever it it, it’s driving me insane. In an attempt to quell the rash I’ve taken some anti-histamines. If it’s not better by tomorrow, I might have to seek medical help. I expect the advise will be to stay out of the sun (easy, I don’t go anywhere near that sun) and to stay cool (if only that was an option…). Or maybe they can give me drugs. 

Work is… um, hmm… I’ve managed to draw up an organisation chart, but I still need to verify I’ve got all the names right. Sterling work for two weeks hey. I still don’t know what some people here ‘do’. There are a lot of people on the org chart, but not so many in the office. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they aren’t there. Sometimes other people are there. I’m having a lot of difficulty understanding how this strange beast works. Stuff happens, funding proposals get submitted, the school operates, children get fed, various projects are running, people get paid but… how? No one appears to be holding the reins. But I guess that is why I’m here, to find the reins, redefine and reshape the reins and plant them firmly in the hands of the soon to be highly effective management team. I shouldn’t complain, I signed up for the challenge. And I’m ready to take it on, if only it wasn’t so damn hot.


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