Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

English 101

Tonight, I will attempt to teach some English to Memory (cooker of my lunch and mini-hospital helper). I’m not sure how well this teaching thing is going to go for me. For starters, when we were being taught Bangla I had to ask what an infinitive was. And I had to be told that present perfect tense is what I call past tense. And don’t ask me about the other tenses. I live in just 3 tenses: past, present and future.

So my ability to teach English is definitely in question. Where do I start?! English is a funny language and all that, but feck. Anyway, there won’t be an external review of my English classes, so I should just relax. I think I’ll go through my Bangla book and work backwards from Bangla to English. Jyodi is going to help, he’s quite a serious young chap and is very keen to help. He’s also helping me with my Chakma, so I expect it’ll be something of a ChEnglish class. Under the mango tree. With a lot of laughing.


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