Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

I think, therefore I must be

I think I’m starting to make progress here at work. *gasp*

My materials for the inaugural management meeting have been well received. By materials I mean Powerpoint presentation. You can take the girl out of Accenture, but taking Accenture out of the girl will take a looong time.

I’ve also circulated my idea for a Job Analysis Questionnaire. So, tell me… what do you… DO… here? The questionnaire is ripe and ready to be translated in Bangla. The requirement to translate certain documents from English to Bangla and back again will slow us down (… um, how much slower can this thing move?) but not much one can do about that. It’s important people understand what I’m asking them. Then we can write some job descriptions and get this beast moving in the forward direction. Or so the theory goes.

Most excited about my pending travel to Dhaka on Saturday. Who would have thought I’d be excited to go back to that shithole. But it’s a place I can get ice cream AND pizza. And hopefully a swim at the BAGHA. BAGHA = British Aid Guest House Association. Apparently usually full of ex-pat tossers (I’m quoting here) but I’ve got my eyes firmly on the pool. And the booze.



  Amanda wrote @

And the men ????

  estellevisagie wrote @

Well, I could certainly do with some of such things. Eye candy is very thin on the ground here. Very.

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