Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Thirty-faux birthday

Today is my pretend 34th* birthday. My birthday is actually on Friday, but I’ll be cocooned in my Chakma village in Rangamati, so I’ve decided to celebrate the event tonight with some fellow volunteers. And no, I will NOT be drinking whiskey.

Just a few drinkie poos at the Bagha Club. Alas there will be no swimming as it’s pissing down with rain here. And not even really all that hot. Not hot in Bangladesh? Who would have guessed.

Major challenge for the day is to find a post office and send small packages to both SA and England for sisters’ birthdays. Expect this could get complicated. Note to sisters: No idea of the fitness of Bangladeshi postal service, so please no holding of breaths for package arrival. Especially twin sister in SA. Take the Bangladeshi postal service, multiply by the South African postal service and the end result doesn’t look good. Let’s hope it reaches you before our 35th birthday.

* Thirty fucking four. When/how/why did THIS happen to me?



  Amanda wrote @

What are you worried about ?? I am effing 37 this year ( ie. close enough to 40 to start planning a party ). Now how the HELL did that happen ?? My only consolation is that Chantal is 38:-)

  estellevisagie wrote @

Hee hee. Yes, no matter how old we get, Chan will ALWAYS be older…

  Pam wrote @

Happy pretend birthday darling! xX

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