Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The good life

So far I’m loving being back in the Dhaka swing of things. This place is a real grind on a logistical level (noise, pollution, chaos etc) but when one can escape the dirt outside and head into a private clubhouse, it’s magical. Well, it seems magical to me when I fancy a little bit of my ‘old’ life. I certainly couldn’t live here on a full time basis, much happier to be in my Chakma cocoon in the lovely CHT. But every now and then it’s a whole lotta fun.

Last night was the Bagha Club, drinking white wine and reading the Hello magazine. Which, incidentally, I never read in the UK, but somehow last night it had a very powerful magnetic pull. I’m not proud of it. But I do now know that Geri Halliwell is engaged and Ronnie Wood is still with his young Russian tart. Important stuff. And today was the Dhaka Club, with a Rotary guy who runs some projects in my organisation. A lovely lunch with some G&Ts. The civilisation of it all. Now I’m back in the office and need a nap. Lunch time drinking has never been my bag. I either need to push on, or go to sleep. Today is no exception. 

P.S. Just received an email from my organisation’s other Management Advisor (a somewhat well connected and influential member of the International NGO/donor organisations here in Bangladesh) saying that he’s found my blog…eish. Says he loves how I am presenting my experiences here. Shit… priority now is to re-read ALL posts. Have I caused offence? How culturally inappropriate was my whiskey hangover/lack of half work day?  And now he’s probably reading THIS… crap. Oops. Now what? 

P.P.S. Management Advisor (above) is a very cool Chakma with a wonderful sense of humour. And a fan of the Hill Tracts juice (rice wine), so I’m sure is well accustomed to hangovers. Who studied in France. Who is super clever (I have trouble keeping up with him. For whatever that is worth). So I’m sure it’ll all be fine.


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  Pam wrote @

G&T’s at the club – how very colonial of you! Decidedly impressed with your Hello update! Xx

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