Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


There is bad news from the Bangladeshi corner of the world today. Firstly, The Linterna Rechargeable Automaticamente is faulty. Within 2 days of owning such an amazing piece of modern technology, I feel lost and alone without it. Of the two functions I rate most highly (fan and light), one is no longer working (light). Back to candles for a while, until I can get to grips with what my statutory rights are within Bangladesh. Or if I have any at all (doubtful). I want it fixed and/or replaced, or I will have a mind to write a strongly worded letter to the manufacturers of The Linterna Rechargeable Automaticamente… 

Secondly, and on a serious note, Cyclone Aila has very recently hit parts of India and Bangladesh, with the unofficial Bangladeshi death toll currently at 94. And 400, 000 people have been evacuated to shelters and 300, 000 are stranded in coastal areas (according to BBC). I haven’t been affected (just a fair amount of rain over the last few days) and the Hill Tracts are mostly immune to the devastating effects of cyclones because of the hilly topography. I’ve been living in my little Rangamati bubble here , and wasn’t even aware that this level of carnage was going on in this small country. I’d heard that there was a cyclone on the way, but it didn’t really register. I can’t quite get my head around these figures. This country is so vulnerable to natural disasters which impacts  the progress it can make on development issues. There are so many issues that are holding this country back, dealing with periodic cyclones is but one. The people affected will be the poorest of the poor, some of whom who will have lost everything (what little they had) and I’m actually feeling quite emotional about it. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.



  irtiza104 wrote @

Cyclone aila has really devastated the coastal villages of bangladesh. about 3.5 million people are directly affected due to this natural disaster. many people have lost their lives, still their are thousands of people missing. the survivors are also suffering alot. many children are dying due to diseases like diarrhea. The relief work is not sufficient. I hope the people of bangladesh soon get back on their feet.

i have written a post about this issue. you are welcome to visit it:


  estellevisagie wrote @

Yes, it really is very tragic. This country sees it’s unfair share of natural disasters.

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