Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Dinner with O level students

Yesterday Moanoghar received the results for the students who wrote their O level exams 3 months ago. A 60% pass rate, with 2 A+ and 8 A grades. Which might not sound like much, but considering the massive financial/management crisis that this organisation has been though (and is very much still in) I think it’s quite a remarkable achievement (the national pass rate is 70%). Last year’s result was a 49% pass rate, so it’s an amazing improvement in one year. 

So some of the brighter O level student had stayed on here in Moanoghar after their exams to provide some assistance to running the hostel part of the school, looking after children etc. I’ve decided that a Congratulations and Thank You ‘something’ is in order. So I’m hosting a dinner for the said O level students tonight. Ok, I’m not cooking, nor is it actually in my house. But it was my idea and I’m fronting the moola (not that it’s costing much at all). Despite the fact that students still tend to scatter like teenagers at Piet-se-Bos on NYE when the police throw tear gas into the crowd when I approach, I’m going to subject them to an evening with me. What FUN for them.

Work = BUSY. What a sudden turn around. I haven’t been this busy since…um, when? My Accenture days. But not my last few months with The Firm. During that time I did f*ck all. All with the view to ensure my application for voluntary redundancy was successful of course. Which it was. Needless to say no one begged me to stay…


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