Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Shitty Job of the Week

Of all the pupils who passed thier SSC/O levels (104) we now need to decide how many we here at Moanoghar can support to continue their studies to A level. For some, their families might be able to financially cover the cost of higher education, but for many, it is outside of their reach without support from elsewhere. And the government is certainly not of much help here. 

Moanoghar currently only has the facilities to provide up to O level here, so the fate of these children’s access to any further education is in effect no longer in our hands. However, over the years Moanoghar has supported a limited number of students for A level studies by providing them with accommodation and food (i.e. staying here in one of the dormitories ) to attend a local Rangamati college to complete their A levels. As with everything, this is dependant of available funds, of which there is never enough. 

A large amount of students are from remote areas,so it is not possible for them to stay at home and attend their local college, as colleges just don’t exist in remote areas. One of the boys from the SCC dinner last week has to walk for 1 full day just to reach his village, as at this time of year there is no other means of transport to get home. So a daily commute is clearly not feasible for many.

Why can’t we all live in a world where children who wish to continue their education can do just that? Education is the only real way out of poverty, but  education is not accessible for the poor. You see the problem there? Children who would potentially have bright futures are denied this by being born into poor families, in a poor country. And the tribal/indigenous children in CHT are particularly at risk of being marginalised by the formal education system here. 

So which ones do we choose? By choosing some, we are in effect denying others of an equal chance in this life. This is all fine in theory, we can only support x number of pupils, end of story. But when you actually see and know the children affected and live within their community, it is heartbreaking. Never mind shitty job of the week, this is shitty job of the year.


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