Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

It’s not as bad as it looks

Ok, here it is. My bathroom… ta dah.

Yes, this is my bathroom

Yes, this is my bathroom

Isn’t she pretty.

Big bucket and jug combine to be my ‘shower’ here. The water pressure isn’t strong enough to make it up the pipe behind and out of the shower head (out of picture). Bucket is also required as sometimes we don’t have water coming out of our taps. And the flow of water coming out of the tap in the photo is from the the tap turned on full blast. Takes a wee while to fill the bucket. And obviously the shower only has one temperature setting: cold. Not sure how winter is going to work out for me.

Small bucket is my clothes washing bucket. Since sourcing of local laundry services, it’s not used as much as previously. But still required for ‘smalls’ (see this for why) and I like to do my whites by hand to ensure they stay kinda white. I adopt the grape crushing technique of yester-year and stomp on my clothes to wash them.

Squat toilet is what it says. Marks down the wall are from rain coming through the small little grate-type ‘window’ above. I get a bit rained on when using the loo in a storm.

The bathroom is actually clean, even though I know you wouldn’t guess so from this photo. It’s just the way it looks. Photo taken post shower, hence the water pretty much everywhere (still loving not having to be water-wise, so splash around like a baby elephant). Just noticed empty loo roll on floor. The light is currently playing up, and I can’t get it to stay on (Bangladeshi electricity is not to be messed with, and the wiring in this house is interesting to say the least). Mostly I shower by torch light, so the camera’s flash has just alerted me to offending loo roll.

Not quite the Radox experience is it. But, all said and done, it does the job. And when you strip everything away, it’s really quite amazing how little you need.



  Will wrote @

Hi Estelle,

I’ve just got from Jakarta having watched a number of women clean their squat toilets, all as part of my job obviously. Let me tell you you have a very fine looking little room!


  estellevisagie wrote @

All in the life of an advertising exec with Unilever as a major client hey! I’m impressed with the level of market research being done. And glad you approve of my little bathroom. It’s not so bad is it.

  Lorna wrote @

I would say winter = smelly Stella!!!!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Noooo! I’ll be boiling water for my ‘baths’ I think. What fun!

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