Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Bali baby

Exciting news: I’m going to Bali in August for 2 weeks. It’s a great friend’s 30th, so obviously that calls for somewhat of a celebration. And I’ll certainly need a bit of a break from this old routine/daily grind by then. 

Said friend was considering coming to visit me here in The Desh, but oh no no no, this is NOT a place to celebrate a 30th. It’s tough going here, and not exactly geared up for tourists. Hardly a beach destination is it.

So we settled on Bali, as I can get fairly cheap flights, and well, it’s Bali isn’t it.

In preparation for sun, sea and etc, I’ve decided to up my exercise regime. Which really means start an exercise regime. I’ve been swanning around in a salwar kameez for 3 months, so getting into a bikini will be quite a shock to my new found/enforced modesty.

I’ve borrowed ‘Davina’s Three 30 Minute Workouts’ DVD from a fellow volunteer, and pranced around my bedroom doing the boxercise section this morning. Barefoot, as I don’t have trainers here. But as I figure it, kickboxers do their thing barefoot, so it’s more authentic this way.

Now it’s 10am, and I’m ready for a nap.



  Amanda wrote @

Exciting ???? BY the by, who is the friend who is turning 30 ? Pam ? can’t think of anyone else you know who is 30 still 🙂 But my goodness …. Bali .. how exciting !!!!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Dear Miss Caroline is turning thirty. Pam is even younger… Tres excited about the holiday, can’t bloody wait!

  Amanda wrote @

Aaaah …. so she’s the young un. x

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