Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Office motivation


Greatest motivational poster ever?

Greatest motivational poster ever?

In 1939, with WWII looming, the British government designed posters to steady the public’s resolve and maintain morale. Isn’t this one just the very model of British restraint and stiff upper lip?

There is all kinds of stuff happening here at the office, internally and externally. And it’s the external activity and pressure that’s now been taken up a notch, or 10. As I mentioned previously, it’s difficult for me to explain what’s going on, but government ministers are involved, various village leaders, ego, backstabbing, corruption, coercion  and so on and so cheerfully forth.

And since my job here was never going to be easy to start with, this just ups the ante of confusion, disorientation, lack of clarity, and general chaos in the office. 

So what else can I do, but keep calm and carry on.


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