Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

How to freak out your Bangladeshi colleagues

Phone in sick at 8:30am.
Put your phone on silent and sleep for the rest of the day.
Thereby missing all their calls to check that you’re still alive.

Shew, I think I caused a bit of panic there.

I’ve informed them that I am indeed still alive, just hiding out in my house for a few days until my head stops hurting quite so much.

But it is booooring being ill here. I have watched all my DVDs, and don’t have easy access to any more. Nor do I own a TV to see what is on (if anything in English). Am I actually missing English daytime/sicktime TV? Hard to say. I’m now rewatching season 1 of 30Rock, which is getting funnier each time I watch it.

Just had lunch delivered, in the form of a tiffin of food, from my concerned monk. Which is a good thing, as there is no WAY I have the strength (physical or emotional) to go shopping in this heat with this headache.


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