Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The crazy just got dialed UP a notch

So apparently I’ve won a car. Hmmm.

Someone has persistently been trying to call me this morning, despite me putting the phone down with repeated claims of ‘buji na!’ (I don’t understand a freaking word you’re saying so please stop calling me… or words to that effect).

After rejecting the calls numerous times, I hand my phone to one of the colleagues to deal with. Please, pretty please, make this person stop calling me.

After a lengthy conversation with the mystery caller (of which I obviously understand only the odd word here or there), my colleague tells me I’ve won second prize in a lottery I entered with my mobile phone provider. Reeeeally, did I now… we all know the scams don’t we.

Except, I do remember being entered into a lottery when I bought my sim card (I even phoned up a fellow VSO’er to confirm if my memory is indeed serving me correctly). My ED has now phoned mystery caller back to find out WTF is going on. My ED is also, luckily, an advocate, so quite useful in such situations.

He tells me the same thing, that I’ve won a car. So now we’re trying to phone the mobile phone provider customer services department (*giggle*) to again try find out WTF is going on. Surely I haven’t actually won a car and this is just a scam/joke to make the life of an already permanently confused badeshi even more confusing? Surely.



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  Amanda wrote @

Mad !! But it could be true …. ??

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