Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Daylight what?

In an attempt to alleviate the electricity crisis in Bangladesh, the government has decided to implement daylight savings for the first time. Effective from midnight tonight. Or midnight tomorrow night. Or at some other point in time. No one appears to be exactly sure when the change is happening. 

The official time quoted is midnight 19th June. So is that tonight at midnight when it becomes the 19th June, or tomorrow night at midnight when it will actually be midnight on 19th June? It’s a tough call to make. Now normally it wouldn’t bother me too much, I’d watch the ensuing chaos with bemused detachment. Except tomorrow I am catching a bus at 7am. 

I can’t imagine that daylight saving is easy to implement for the first time in any country. But here in the Desh, eish. I didn’t even realise that it was actually happening, last time I checked it was just a proposal being bandied about. How does one inform a country of 150 million people, a lot of whom are illiterate, about this new fandangled concept called Daylight Savings. When I experienced my first clock change in the UK I honestly thought my flatmate was having me on. No, a country won’t actually change it’s TIME. That is just silly.

I can’t imagine that any clever things have been done with automatic time changes on IT systems or such things. Really, I just can’t picture that implementation strategy meeting.

But it would appear that the bus company I am using tomorrow is staging a one man stand against this evil idea of changing the time. My questions were waived aside with a look of scorn for such a ludicrous notion. Clearly daylight savings is not on their agenda. 

Or at least I think so. Let’s see what happens at 7am tomorrow. I may or may not be on time for my bus.



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  High Horses « Postcards from the Edge wrote @

[…] to when the government changed the school times, which happened just after I arrived here. And the Day Light Savings debacle. This new office time change just doesn’t make sense, surely this is just bureaucracy gone […]

  Fred Hatman wrote @

I was wondering why I was getting an inordinate number of views in Bangladesh. Now I know why! Thank you, Estelle. Nice blog! Coolness, Fred

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