Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Just like in the movies

Last night I was tucked up under my mosquito net, watching 6 Feet Under (my newest download and latest viewing obsession) when something of a situation erupted outside. Lots of shouting, heckling, people, running. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on.

Electricity was out, so I wasn’t about to go and investigate.

This morning I found out what had happened. Get this …

The male Class 10 students have handed in a list of demands to the Executive Committee:
1) Sack one of the class 10 hostel supervisor (one of the monks here with whom they evidently have some personal issue with)
2) Sack the yourselves (i.e. get rid of the current EC)

And the Class 10 student now refuse to pay the (nominal) monthly fee for their tuition and boarding. 

Yesterday evening they demanded a meeting with the EC. Things turned ugly. Locals from the village rocked up, split into two groups: one For the current Moanoghar EC and one Against.

It’s blatantly obvious that the Against group are using and manipulating the Class 10 students to further their own agenda. Boys on the cusp of manhood are so easily influenced and riling them up doesn’t take much, does it.

The police were called in case it all turned really ugly. Delegations of other locals arrived. Local village leaders and prominent civil society members were informed. 

Eventually things dissipated and everyone went home.

So the whole sorry state of Moanoghar has now officially spilled out into the open. The village is split along lines of support. It’s highly likely the hostel for the male Class 10 students will be closed for the foreseeable future, and the students sent home/away.

It is emotional out there.

If this was Africa, there would toy-toying. 

It all feels quite surreal. And we’re supposed to be trying to improve the organisation with all THIS going on?

P.S. I’m staying WELL out of it all. Leaving for Dhaka tomorrow for some VSO training. Well timed.

P.P.S. Some of this might have been lost in translation, so this is to the best of my knowledge. It’s complicated. And difficult to understand.



  Pam wrote @

Tricksy indeed. best you head to the city of g&t’s… Xx

  Bidesh-to-Bdesh wrote @

Wow! That sounds pretty bad!

Enjoy your time in your Dhaka and hopefully, things will get sorted out before you are back to the school.

Nice blog, btw. I found it while searching for Dhaka on wordpress.

  estellevisagie wrote @

Hey there fellow Bideshi! Thanks for the comments. Having a great time in Dhaka. So far. The honeymoon period doesn’t last very long for me here. Ja, I’m hoping the dust will have settled by the time I get back to my placement.

  parish wrote @

its nice one. actually i also wanw write stories but i dont get the subject. what to write?

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