Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Where IS the rain?

Man alive, I’m tired. Fatigued. Deflated. Moeg. It’s like I’ve run out of steam somewhere along the way.

Maybe it’s the weather. But it has been relatively cool here in Dhaka for the past few days. Well, it’s been low 30’s. I have consistently been living in 30 to 40 degree heat for 3 months now. And while there is a little fluctuation, it’s mostly forking hot. And always humid. It’s tiring. So maybe it’s all just catching up on me now.

You know what it’s like at the end of a long, hot summer, you long for winter. Or at least I used to long for winter when living in Cape Town. I love the change of seasons. And I so need the season to change here. We should be well into monsoon season, but the rains are late this year. Later than they have ever been, so I’m told. Even the locals are suffering. We get spots of rain here and there, but nothing like what we should be getting at this time of year. And while I will no doubt soon be complaining about too much rain, right now it’s the only thing I want.



  Amanda wrote @

Jeez … with you sister. It has been H.O.T. here too. Heatwave apparently -much longing for a grey drizzly day. Did I just say that ???

  estellevisagie wrote @

A heatwave in er London?! The daily tube commute must be even MORE fun now. I’m certainly not sad to be missing that. Hope Jack is spending some quality time in the paddling pool. x

  Will wrote @

You can bet on that, he’s been running around in his birthday suit all week. Enjoying everything from the paddling pool to the hose pipe!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Aw, how cute. He clearly loves the summer. A right little Saffa isn’t he 😉

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