Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Daylight Savings Rage

Yesterday I started my day in a foul mood, which unluckily for those around me, worsened as the day progressed.

The bus I catch from Dhaka to Rangmati always used to depart at 7am. But now, because of the general confusion and chaos of daylight savings, the company has moved the time to 8am. In my frustration, I wanted to grab the people at the bus counter by the hair and smash their heads against the wall. A touch dramatic, I know.

Reasons for frustration:

Large buses are not allowed to travel through central Dhaka after 7:30am. I know, get that, a rule people actually abide to. So this means that I can no longer get on my bus, settle in and get off at Rangamati a mere 8 hours later. I now have to catch another smaller, shittier bus that takes me to the shitty outskirts of Dhaka. Where I have to alight, with all my luggage (I never would have gone shopping if I knew THIS was going to happen), wait in a shitty waiting room until my actual bus arrives. And because we’re now travelling through Dhaka at 8am instead of 7am, the morning rush hour traffic has to be contended with, which obviously slows us down. So with the additional traffic, and changing of buses, my journey is even longer. At a smashing 10.5 hours.

And it’s all so fecking unnecessary. The bus time does NOT have to move an hour later because of daylight savings time. Can’t they see that it’s just unbelievably stooooopid? Besides, I’m sure it now costs more to run the service, what with the need for an additional bus and driver. Why can’t they SEE?!! I mean, honestly, WTF.

And the bus driver was particularly heavy on the hooter yesterday. Which I’m convinced was louder than usual. At times I was ready to rip the hooter out and shove it down the driver’s throat. I really, really was ready to do it.

I was not a pleasant person yesterday.

In other DST news: A fellow volunteer working in another NGO has had her working hours changed. The NGO used to work from 9am – 5am. They have recently adjusted their working hours because of daylight savings, and now work from 9am – 4pm. Isn’t that special.

Today, I work on my patience and general levels of acceptance.


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