Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Moving swiftly on

Right. Let’s move away from all the recent doom, gloom and moaning, shall we?


Two fellow VSO volunteers are here doing some research, so it’s great to not be the only circus freak (i.e. Bideshi) in town for a few days. The attention isn’t all focused on me, it’s spread nicely between us. Would never have thought I’d say I want less attention, but there you go. And we’ve done some touristy things here in Rangamati. So it’s nice to feel a bit normal again.

I think today is some Buddhist festival/holiday. The temple on the campus has been playing music since last night. By playing, I mean broadcasting via loudspeakers to the surrounding neighbourhood. Which I wouldn’t mind sooo much, if it wasn’t so tinny and distorted. It’s kind of like being forced to listen to a radio that isn’t quite tuned into a station.

Oops, am I moaning again?

I’m now in the office waiting for the staff to arrive. A large national funding agency has given us 2 days to write a project proposal for a follow on phase of a project that Moanoghar has been running for the last 3 years. Lovely of them to give us so much notice. I’d love to think large national agencies would lead by example with nice things like planning, foresight, advance notice etc. But evidently not. And since Moanoghar’s running of the project for the last 3 years has hardly been … um… amazing… this review/proposal is going to be interesting.

Now let’s wait and see who turns up today to get this done.


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