Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

On the edge

So I’ve decided to change the name of this blog from Tales from Bangladesh, to Postcards from the Edge of Bangladesh.

1) There appears to be a book called Tales from Bangladesh
2) There is what appears to be a soft porn website called

So when people search for either of the above on the interweb, they find this site. Which I can see from the stats provided by wordpress. And I can only imagine the disappointment of the second group upon getting through to my site instead. Shame.

So it’s now Postcards from the Edge.

Because I am living on the edge of Bangladesh (south west corner bit that looks like it was added on as an after thought during the Partition. Which it kinda was)

Also I’m living in a community that is very much on the edge of social/popular concern here. On the edge, and almost falling off the page all together.

And also, I myself am sometimes on the edge. A woman on the edge, if you will. The edge of:
. my sanity
. my patience
. doing some useful work. Always JUST on the edge. I’m waiting for the tipping point. Then I’ll actually be useful and make a difference here. Any day now…

P.S. The map is actually a temperature map of the Desh. Looks hot, doesn’t it?


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