Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Midnight Freakout

Well, it wasn’t exactly midnight. But it was late, I had just fallen asleep and started hearing sounds. Breathing, scratching, scurrying. I leapt up, lifted the edge of my mosquito net, stuck my arm out, grabbed my torch. Almost a bit too scared about what I would find… but I must have been too slow for my midnight caller as I couldn’t find anything.

Or maybe it was just my imagination playing games with me. Earlier yesterday I found something terrible. Droppings on top of my mosquito net. On TOP. Something is walking around up here. And spending enough time up there to pass a poo or two. And what ever it is, it is big enough for me to find it’s poo. Urrrggh.

I thought me and my house creatures had come to a nice little arrangement. I don’t disturb them too much, and they don’t disturb me too much. The spiders in my bathroom are quite well drilled on this now. They behave impeccably when I enter the bathroom by scurrying away and leaving me to it. What they do when I’m not around is up to them. They can have spider parties for all I care. As long as they behave when I’m in the room, then I’m happy.

So back to the animal/creature that crawls around on top of my mosquito net. If it is on top, is it also inside? What IS it? Is there just one? This is most upsetting. I usually lift my net up during the day for a bit of airing, but I think I’ll have to keep it tucked in, protecting my bed from these evil creatures at all times now. Who knows what they get up to when I’m not around to supervise them.

But living in Bangladesh does means living with creatures.

Spiders and geckos. Geckos, called Tuk Tukkies here, I like very much. They are small, cute and they eat the spiders.

Rats and Hokkans. These I don’t like. At all. Rats for obvious, country un-specific reasons. And a Hokkan is like a super sized gecko. By super sized I mean like 10 inches big. 100% muscle. That changes colour depending on how much you piss it off. When I saw my first one, I had to call my neighbour to make sure it wasn’t super dangerous and evil. She says they aren’t, and that they eat rats, so maybe they aren’t so bad. But then someone else told me they bite people, and when they bite, they don’t let go. If you ask 10 people here the same question, you tend to get 11 different answers. Somehow.

But there just isn’t any way of keeping all these, and other, creatures out. Too many holes, gaps under doors, openings in ceiling, windows without glass etc. Mostly I’m fine with them. But not when they invade special space, my bed. Little fuckers.



  Lorna wrote @

yucky!!!!! and here’s me thinking my recent spider trials in birmingham were bad enough…..i have now had to evacuate 3 tarantulas from my flat in the space of 2 weeks! yuck!

  estellevisagie wrote @

Serves you right for moving to Birmingham! How’s the chips and gravy? xx

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