Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

All dressed up

Today, for the first time, I wore the traditional Chakma outfit.

I phoned Memory in the morning to come and assist. As an outfit, it’s a little complicated to ‘put together’. It consists of:

–  1 x petticoat. Except there is nothing really pettit about it. Full length, cotton with a draw string waist. 

– 1 x pinon. Not sure how to spell that. It’s the bottom ‘skirt’ part, which is one length of material that is wrapped around and tucked into the petticoat.

– 1 x blouse. Which is exactly like the shirt type thing that is worn under a sari. Short, just under the boobs type belly tickler

– 1 x hadie. Again, not sure of the spelling.  Another length of material that is tucked into the petticoat at the back, and then draped up and across the body and over one shoulder. To cover and disguise the general chest area (same purpose as the orna or dupatta). This is always required, irrespective if you actually has anything to disguise or not. Keeping this thing draped around correctly takes vigilance and quite a lot of looking down to make sure everything is still in place. In fact, I didn’t even manage to get it right for the first photo. Must try harder.

I, in this outfit, went down quite the little storm. Everyone was pretty impressed. Well, the children thought it quite hysterical, but then everything I do is quite hysterical to them. 

I think I might make a habit of wearing this more often. Will be particularly useful when I’ve run out of clean clothes. 


Indistinguishable from the locals in this gear

Indistinguishable from the locals in this gear


On the way to get water


P.S. Excuse the blurry photos. Photography is not one of Memory’s many talents.



  Pam wrote @

You look beeeautiful! Xx

  Lorna wrote @

Well Miss Estelle you look particularly fetching in your get up and you are right you really must give memory some photography lessons!!!

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