Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Operation successful

After much and many tears (ok,some tears, I wasn’t a total emotional disaster), I’m happy to report that the little boy’s eye operation was successful.

Started off a bit wobbly, when it transpired that the doctor in Rangamati was unable to perform the operation. Not sure why, perhaps it was too complicated for the medical set up here in town*. So after waiting a week for this doctor to return from Dhaka, to then find out he couldn’t operate after all, little boy with golf ball for eye was taken off to Chittagong city. Brights lights, big city. I’m pretty sure it would have been the furthest he has been from here (a 2 hour ride). 

And he returned a few days ago, no longer with a golf ball for an eye. He’s such a happy little bunny now. Which is SO nice to see. I really needed some good news (because it’s all about me…). He’s still in the mini-hospital, but doing fine. See below. 


2nd from right. He IS a happy bunny, people just don't smile in photos here

I’m off to learn a new verb now. I’ve realised that two verbs a day was too ambitious for me. Languages are not my thing. I’ve tried to learn Spanish before. Twice. Yes, two London language schools failed to get me much past hola (my high drop out rate could be to blame….). And I can barely string a sentence together in Afrikaans either. And I’m a Visagie for god’s sake. There was an incident a few (many?) years ago that involved a joint, my sisters, and me trying to tell a joke in Afrikaans. It’s still laughed about. Not the joke. Me.

* VSO medical insurance ships me straight to Dhaka for any serious issues, and promptly onto the nearest ‘medical centre of excellence’ if the care available isn’t adequate. Which quite nicely happens to be Thailand. 



  Amanda wrote @

Have a new book to send you. In Afrikaans. Thought it might be the kind of challenge you like. Must have know this post was coing when I bought it. In some weird intuitive kind of way.

  estellevisagie wrote @

Ooh, spooky… Send, send, send! Thanks doll.

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