Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Be careful what you wish for

Today the rain returned. Sjoe. I was beginning to seriously wonder where the fuck it was. Last few weeks have been HOT again, with Saturday night one of the hottest I’ve had here. Sweating in the dark under a mosquito net is not one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. 

So after much wishing and praying, rain arrived this morning. And hasn’t stopped since. 

I was out of drinking water last night, and just could not be arsed to go and fetch more (my levels of lazyness can get quite extreme out here in the heat). I’ll get some in the morning I thought. This morning it was raining. I’ll get some at lunch time I thought. At lunch time it was raining. Yes, I know I won’t melt in the rain, but I was hoping for a bit of a break in rain to do the water run. So, not prepared to get wet to get water… I sat in my flat, dreaming of having a cup of tea. Arse, no water for tea. FYI – I do not recommend normal tap water here, even if is has been boiled, it has so much iron in it it comes out of the tap dark brown. No jokes. I once decided to try boil and then filter the tap water, and my little water filter almost didn’t recover the onslaught of iron-y water. 

Anyway, back to the tea. And a clear expression of my lazyness, I ended up taking ice cubes out of the freezer, and melted/boiled them for my tea. Genius. I thought.

So after work I eventually went to fetch water. In the rain. Now, local women (never men) make this look really easy. As Memory demonstrates here:


Making it look easy

Casually slung over one hip, with an arm nonchalantly draped around it. That jug holds about 20 litres of water. That’s 20kg that teeny, tiny Memory makes look so elegantly easy.

This does not work when I try it. At all. I’m more of a holding it with both arms wrapped around it, balancing it on my belly kind of  water carrier. Now try this in the rain, trying to hold an umbrella (this is not the pitter patter of London drizzle we’re talking about here), while doing a bit of a slip every 5th step. Amounts to hours of entertainment for all spectators. 

But at least I can manage it. In fact, I’m getting less and less pathetic as time goes on. But when the water supply here runs dry (happens every now and then for reason I’ve never really worked out and/or understood) we have to go to stand pipe across the road and down a muddy embankment that I can only describe as a recent landslide (seriously, how do they do it?!). Now that, I can’t manage. For that, Memory is required. And I go along and provide the moral support. And entertainment.

P.S. The previous photo of me (in Chakma gear) with water jug, was of me on the way to get water. I.e. me and an empty water jug. No way I could look so cool and composed carrying a full water jug.


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