Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Stuck on repeat

I know I say this a lot … but it’s hot. It’s too hot. Again.

By this juncture of my stay in sunny Bangladesh, I was expecting lashes of rain. So it has rained a bit, and when it rains it rains heavy. But when it doesn’t rain….arghhh.

The air is so humid that you can almost drink it. So while the temperature isn’t all that high (probably 32 degrees today), it’s fucking unpleasant. According to Google it’s 80% humidity here today. I no likey. Energy levels are looooooow. 

VSO = Volunteers Suffering Overseas.

I had not mentally prepared myself to still be sweating (when stationary) in August. I know I’m going to have such fun in Bali, but to be honest my perfect holiday right now would be England in February. Seriously.

Ok fine. I’ll stop moaning now.


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  Amanda wrote @

Ha ha ha !! Remember all those Feb days bemoaning the dreadful weather ……

Bali will be better. Anyway, even if it’s kak there are LOTS of Aussie surfer dudes.

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