Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Back from Ba-aaah-li

Arrive back in Dhaka yesterday, from an amazing holiday in Bali. Spent way to much money. How much I’m not entirely sure… it was one of those holidays. I’ll delay checking my online banking for a while, and then when I do check it, it will be from behind the couch with my hands over my eyes. I’m a bit scared. 

But I do think I deserved it. All of it. Especially the food. And wine. I’ve already been told in the VSO office here that I’ve picked up weight. Ta. Always nice to hear. 

Not sure when I’ll head back to Rangamati. I feel like a need a bit of a gentle introduction back into things. Maybe a few days here in Dhaka. We’ll see. Obviously getting on the plane to fly back to Bangladesh was clouded with lots of ‘why am I doing this again?’ type questions. I am still struggling with said questions. Will have to pick my motivation up off the floor soon.


I miss Bali


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