Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Rick Stein… Far Eastern Odyssey… oh where did he find good food in Dhaka?

My sister alerted me to a Rick Stein episode of his Far Eastern Odyssey TV show in which he travelled to Bangladesh to sample the cuisine. Apparently he raved about the food. I’ve been able to find the show on YouTube (here is Part 1). It’s been split into six 10 minute chunks, and I’ve managed to watch 2 chunks so far. My internet connection has been pants over the last few days, but I’ll persevere. I want to know where Rick managed to find good food. Everything I’ve eaten here (Chakma food excluded, but more on that another time) is heavily meat based, super oily and pretty much all tastes the same. I suspect I am not eating in the right places, but my VSO allowance doesn’t afford me luxuries such as eating in expensive places. But compared to India, where you get good food everywhere and for super cheap, Bangladesh has been quite the culinary disappointment.

Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. Let’s hope Rick can show me the way. I’ll report back soon.

But from what I’ve seen to far, cuisine aside, it’s a pretty good view on the sights and sounds of Dhaka. If you want to see what I see here, give it a watch. I love watching anything set in a country/city in which I live (ok I don’t live in Dhaka, but I do spend a fair amount of time there). I love watching films set in London, recognising places and streets etc. And when I (used to) see Cape Town in a TV advert, I’d get most excited. There are a lot of ads shot in Cape Town. Even though my previous housemate used to believe I’d claim anything with a beach and/or mountain as a Cape Town ad. But really, I can recognise my mountain and/or Clifton any day.



  Lorna wrote @

I was reading that thinking “oh here we go again…” And then I get a mention!!!! Lol x

  estellevisagie wrote @

Oh Lorna, why do you always doubt me… Come visit me in CT one day, and you’ll SEE I’m right about the adverts…

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