Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Taking it seriously

We have some donors who are staying in Moanoghar for a few days, as I was kindly invited to go trekking with them today. Had to think long and hard about. I really, really want to go as I haven’t had a chance to see much outside of the town. I still don’t really understand the security implication of wondering around in the jungle. Not that I’d fear for my safety, but rather what the army would make of a foreigner roaming around, not being escorted by 3 armed police guards. That’s the way they play security here for foreigners, to protect us from WHAT exactly I’m not sure.

But I’ve decided to politely turn down the request. Today is a work day after all. I’m trying to get staff to take their work seriously/turn up to work, so I can’t exactly just go off galavanting whenever something exciting comes up. Must lead by example and all that. Besides, I have a lot of work to do. Doing semi-structured interviews of staff is a pretty intense exercise. Thankfully today I’m getting some help with translation.

Yesterday while shopping at the local village market, I managed to get a photo of the traditional pipe. I’ve tried to explain this before. It’s basically a water pipe, in a piece of bamboo. You have to either get your whole chin into the bamboo ‘stem’ to get the suction required to take a drag, or you cover the hole with your hands and take a draw through gaps in your fingers. It’s not easy. I’m not very good at it.


Traditional pipe


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