Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi space-time continuum

Yesterday I discovered how time bends and wraps around itself here in Moanoghar/Bangladesh in general.

Everybody is on a different time. Literally, all watches, wall clocks, mobile phones, computers are set to different times. The computers are out by an hour, which is kinda forgivable, due to the daylight savings fiasco. I guess no one has bothered to change the system times. But watches, wall clocks and mobile phones are also all out. Not by a nice, round, kinda makes sense kind of way. Some by 20 mins, some by 35 mins, some by 53 mins, some by hours. And some people’s watches just don’t work at all. Like they have not been working for a loooong time. Guess at that stage the watch is just more of fashion accessory? I do wonder what runs through one’s mind every morning when continues to attach the stopped watch to one’s arm. But it’s not mine to understand…

Little wonder time keeping is so bad/non existent. And yes, I know that us from the west/developed countries are time obsessed and I have to also factor in effect of Bangladeshi time (which is much like African time, except more delayed).

So on Sunday (Bangladesh’s version of Monday) I am planning Moanoghar’s inaugural Time Synchronisation event. It’s going to be exciting.


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