Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

When is winter coming?

Today was forking hot. I hate hot. Honestly, Bangladesh has turned me into a winter person in a big way. I staged a one (wo)man strike, and refused to participate in the world outside.

Mostly I stayed inside and developed a framework for a child protection policy for Moanoghar. Not finished yet, but mostly there. I did venture out at about 6pm and had a walk around the campus. It’s so beautiful and peaceful here. But still I sweated. At 6pm. So not a fan of that. Spent some time with some of the students who, as an extra bonus, offered to fetch some drinking water for me. Big fan of that. Yesterday was a typical day here, where I set out to do something at 9:30am and return home at 8:30pm, somewhat dazed and confused about how my day had unfolded. I packed off to Memory’s at 9:30, with my laptop to show a local DVD I have. That turned into helping prepare for lunch, having lunch, showing DVD to Memory (and most of her neighbours squeezed into her house), an afternoon nap at her (I was instructed by her after lunch to sleep, and as a big fan of napping I did as I was told), a walk to see how the Kaptai lake water levels had risen, a trip to a local scenic spot, rounded off with taking a student to an eye doctor and choosing glasses for him. Not exactly what I thought I had signed up for when I left the house. But here you really do just have to go with the flow because a) you can’t understand much anyway and making an educated decision is mostly impossible; b) that’s just how things are done here, there isn’t any over riding ‘plan’ for a day and c) that’s when you tend to have the most fun.

Tonight I’m pondering why God created mosquitos. Why should such a vile little creature be in existence? I my right arm has been bitten to shreds, have about 10 bites. And now I seem to be developing a bit of a reaction to the bites. Not pleasant, and not attractive.


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