Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Yesterday I had some bad news. I discovered that this season we are currently in is not autumn and it isn’t going to be getting much cooler any time soon.

Bangladesh has 6 seasons: 1) spring 2) summer 3) rainy/monsoon 4) the one we are currently in, which no one has been able to translate into English for me yet  5) autumn and 6) winter. This season (4) is the one where I thought it would be getting cooler. But this is a hot season I am now told (strongly beginning to believe they ALL are). Only by October (autumn I think) will just the nights start to get cooler (I’ve been told in October, a night will be hot for 1/2 the night, and other other half will be cold…) and then oooonly by November/December will the days be cooler. I’ve been labouring under a misapprehension thinking that it will be getting cooler any day now. This is quite a blow.

And I discovered a nasty little Bangladeshi rule about holidays. Here, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. If one was to take leave on a Thursday and the subsequent Sunday (i.e. on either side of the weekend), the Friday and Saturday are counted as leave days. So taking leave on a Thursday and Sunday counts as 4 days of leave. This is standard government practice and most other organisations also adopt this rule. What is THAT about? Terribly unfair I say. Not that anyone in my organisation actually counts/notices the number of days someone is not in the office. But still.


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