Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Tuneless humming

Good news: Moanoghar has has a second phase of a funded project agreed, for the next 2 years.

Bad  news: Trying to help direct the chaos that will soon begin with the ‘management’ and ‘planning’ of this next phase.

Sometimes I really just want to take over and manage everything myself. And sometimes I just want to sit in the corner, with my hands over my ears, humming tunelessly to myself to block it (‘it’ being afore mentioned sight of ‘management’ and ‘planning’) all out. But have to remind myself (daily) that that isn’t why I’m here. For either of the above mentioned activities. Building capacity is what what I’m here to do, especially (as I see it) building the capacity of the director. He’s a very well meaning and lovely chap, but to keep his attention for more than 5 minutes is a challenge. When something is difficult or boring (which is most cases in anything admin or management-like isn’t it) he loses interest. There is a lot of shuffling papers, looking out of windows, blatantly doing OTHER things while I’m trying to help him. Like randomly shouting for other staff to come into the office, and assist him in paper shuffling/staring out of window.

Decided I must change tack (agaaaaain). Discussions with him will have to be more formal and structured. And in a different room/location.

In other news: Travelling to Dhaka for Ramadan holiday. Which in itself will be a major challenge. Ramadan is when all 150 million Bangladeshis travel, or try to travel, on the resulting grid locked roads. So I hear anyway. Will travel on Thursday night (1st night bus, heaven help me). Will book ticket tonight. Heaven help bus counter ticket man if there aren’t any available/they refuse to sell me a ticket in advance. I’m told that sometimes just before Ramadan (which should be maybe Sunday or Monday depending on some people seeing the moon) they won’t sell advance tickets and rather wait for the ensuing god almighty rush when the moon is spotted. Then they hike their prices up. Nice one guys. Do NOT try it on me.


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