Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Oh. My. God.

I’ve made some progress. Notify the press. Please. Now check this out for how I measure my progress these days.

A whiteboard is being attached to an office wall. As we speak. It has taken about…um… how long have I been here… to get this done.

It was one the first things I wanted done here. I managed to find a whiteboard, and brought it up to the office. That was then liberated and whisked away to be used for some financial training (fair enough, but honestly after I did all the hard work to find it…). Then I found another one, covered in non-whiteboard pen writing, i.e. someone had used a permanent marker. So then I showed the office peon (peon is word used for general office person who does what is required/asked of him. And make tea.) the handy trick of removing permanent marker writing with non-permanent marker pen. You scribble over permanent marker writing with whiteboard pen, then wipe off. Viola, permanent marker writing erased.

And NOW, that clean whiteboard is being attached to a wall. It’s like music to my ears.

I have my whiteboard. 4 months in. Is this something I can put on my progress report? Not much else on there…

In other news: You can, and SHOULD, book bus tickets in advance over this lead up to Eid. I booked a ticket to Chittagong last night (meeting friend at Chittagong and changing onto *hopefully* less-of-a-death-trap-bus to Dhaka). I was lucky to get a ticket. And I’m further towards the back of the bus than I’d like, but hopefully my internal organs are used to Bangladeshi bus suspension now (always worse the further back in a bus you are).

In other, other news: Went to an impromptu Ifar party last night. Iftar is the breaking of the fast during the month of Ramadan. Since I don’t work with/living in close proximity/really even talk to any Muslims in Rangamati (the indigenous and Muslim communities really do try ignore the existence of each other, makes for some very awkward market moments when I’m with my colleagues), my Iftar party had no actual Muslims in attendance. Just an excuse to get together and eat Iftar food. And Iftar food = heavily fried foods. Can’t say I’m a fan.

Iftar party

Entirely non-Muslim Iftar party


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