Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

What a week

Even more progress to report… some UN training is currently, as we speak, being conducted in our conference centre. AND (almost) everybody is in attendance. AND they (mostly) turned up on time. So Moanoghar managed to plan training with UN, invite participants, organise venue, food, snacks etc. Ok fine, I had to walk them through every step, but it’s all part of them learning how to plan and think ahead isn’t it. Wow, this has been quite a week hasn’t it.

Ok so the trainers from UNDP (UN Development Programme) didn’t turn up on time. They were an hour late. Sheez, just when I’m trying to instil a mentality that arriving on time is a professional thing to do, a UN agency turns up spectacularly late for training they are facilitating. But oh well. What you gonna do.

IN OTHER NEWS: Travelling to Dhaka tonight. We have a fellow volunteers leaving party tomorrow night. Job is moving back to Kenya, after 2 years in Bangladesh. Wow. 2 years. Having dinner at some Japanese place, where… wait for it…. they (allegedly) also serve beer. I am excited. Preceded by swim at Bagha club, and followed by drinks at Bagha club.

IN OTHER OTHER NEWS: Received a hand delivered letter from one of the class 10 students yesterday. With a laminated photo of himself. Lovely sweet letter (he loves me like an elder sister I am advised in the letter), and he is waiting a response. Which leaves me in a bit of quandary. Obviously I won’t reply to his letter (numerous lines will be crossed in such an activity. And I’m not 15), but I can’t just totally ignore it. Can I?


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  Amanda wrote @

Hmm quandry. Think you maybe verbally say a kind thank you for the lovely letter and photo. And leave it at that ?

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