Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Why, in Bangladesh, when a bus has been parked at the side of the road before departure, do people only try board the bus when it actually starts moving? A bus will patiently wait until it’s departure time (or some time close enough to its departure time), during which time no one seems interested to get on said bus. But when it start actually moving, then oh boy…it’s chaos and mayhem as hoards of people try to get on. Shoving, pushing, crying, banging on the side of the bus, shouting. Perhaps they like the drama of the last minute danger-dash?

But. I did survive my Dhaka to Rangamati bus trip yesterday. Have even managed to find a better way to travel the arduous 10 hours. A proper, luxury bus service from Chittagong to Dhaka. Less swerving, less hooting, windows that block out the hooting/shouting/general chaos of Chittagong to Dhaka ‘highway’. It was actually all quite pleasant. Until I got to Chittagong, and had to hunt down my local bus service to Rangamati. But this I expect was made more difficult by the impossible-to-understand Eid bus timetable. Next time I expect even less pain. Here’s hoping anyway.


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