Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh


Yesterday after work, I went to check out some jhum cultivation. It was really the most beautiful walk/scramble I’ve been on here. I checked out some rice fields, on a hill. Which is pretty weird to see. In Bangladesh there are rice paddies everywhere, which look like this:


Flat. Very flat.

Well, Bangladesh (most of) is super flat. Over 1/2 of the country is below 5 meters above sea level.

With jhum cultivation, rice paddies look like this:


Not so flat.

I’m not sure how easy it is to tell from that photo how steep that hill is. Can you see the normal flat rice paddies down below? Anyway, it’s steep. I know, I had to scramble up it. Well, it was a mixture of scrambling, being pulled from the front, and even (at times, to my horror) being pushed from the back. Fuck, I MUST get other shoes for such walks in future. If this carries on much longer, my lasting legacy here will be the foreigner who had trouble staying on her feet.

All in all, lovely walk, beautiful scenery, such as:


It's all green. Everywhere.

Ok fine, there was also sweating. And having other people carry my camera (felt like a British lady during colonial times, but its an SLR and I really don’t fancy cracking the lense) incase I did slip and drop it. But I DIDN’T slip. Ok, I slipped a bit, but I didn’t fall. That is something.

In food news: Getting into this whole cooking with oven thing. Tonight is roast aubergine and tomato pasta. Hell, I’m even going to blanch the tomatoes. With potato wedges for lunch.


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