Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

I did it

Today, after many vicious internal debates with myself in bed every morning (which have historically always resulted in my saying ‘sod it’, and rolling over to go back to sleep) , I actually got up and I actually did some exercise. Davina Cardio Box. Given my current fitness levels, it was a rather pathetic performance all round. But it’s start.

And for the first time, I did it wearing trainers. I was all authentic kick-boxer style before going barefoot. (Didn’t bring trainers to Bangers, but the friend I met in Bali bought my trainers out for me). Putting them on this morning was weird. I haven’t worn closed shoes, or socks, for 6 months. I’m not sure my feet liked being all closed in and covered up. No idea how I am going to survive back in the real world when I try shove my flip-flop loving feet into high heeled boots, and all the other lovely proper shoes I have back home. I foresee blisters and pain in my foot-future.

My roast aubergine and tomato pasta last night morphed into a roast aubergine and tomato stew type thingy. One, I forgot to actually buy the pasta. Two, the electricity died on me half way through roasting the tomatoes (aubs already roasted), But I managed to pull it all together (kind of) into a pretty delicious stew type thing. I am beginning to love my little oven. And detest power cuts even more. I have rekindled my long-standing romance with All of Delia’s recipes, online and searchable. Such a wonderful place to spend time. Delia taught me how to cook. It’s almost impossible to cock up a Delia recipe. Well, unless the electricity dies on you, of course. Next up, is search for a whisk, I want to make meringues. Ya-um. They should still work with non-caster-sugar sugar? Maybe I can use my pestle and mortar and grind some normal sugar? Also not sure how I’ll measure the sugar either with no scale, but let’s see what happens.


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