Postcards from the Edge

of Bangladesh

Bandraban – part 2

On Monday we had our trek through the jungle. 5 highly unprepared bideshis in our salwar kameezes and flip flops.


It's a jungle out there

Given the fact that your flip flops were useless in the face of jungle trek, and especially useless in a jungle that had endured a torrential downpour the night before, a lot of the trek was done barefoot.


Footloose and fancyfree

And a fair amount of it was done on our arses


Erm, how exactly do I get down here?

Watching the others slip and fall was wonderful. In a nice, self affirming I’m-not-a-total-freak-who-is-the-only-one-falling kind of way. I swear locals have developed special feet for this type of thing. Anyway, so it was much more hard work that we had anticipated, but our guide was amazing. Royal was his name, from Guide Tours, who I highly recommend if anyone plans to head out to Bandraban (never really know who reads my blog).

So, it was jungle walking, walking through streams (MUCH easier)


Oh happy days

and through various indigenous villages


Kiddies along the way

And the pigs. There were lots of pigs. First place I’ve actually seen pigs here, as Bangladesh is mostly Muslim, pigs are not so popular here. Oh so cute these little oinkers.



After we managed to escape from the jungle without any serious injuries (bar the 3 wonderful leeches I managed to attract), it was a trip in a little boat back to Bandraban town. A little boat that we were constantly convinced we would capsize with one wrong move. Between us 5, wrong moves were the only thing we did right that day.


No sudden movements please


Village life along the river

And there you go, that was Bandraban. Highly, highly recommended.


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